How Much Is Mick Lynch Salary As RMT Head?

Mick Lynch earns £ 124,000 annually. His salary is £ 84,000 and his higher total package includes National Insurance, tax, and pension payments.

The union head has earned £ 763,000 in salary and bonuses ever since he joined RMT.

RMT union head Mick Lynch earns £ 124,000 per year (source: Union-News)

RMT head confessed on live television that lots of railway drivers are on strike for raise of 11% wage which will make more than £ 54,000.

He was even asked about his own income and bonuses but he replied with being simply a working-class man person heading a union in a battle about employment, wages, and problems to solve.

Mick Lynch on RMT Strike 2022

The strike went on for several days, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 40,000 members of his union will let six days of disruption to Britain’s trains, with half of the network shut down completely.

The 60-year-old worked two terms as Assistant General Secretary of the RMT and also worked two terms on its executive. After General Secretary named Mick Cash took time off due to his health issues in 2020, Lynch was taken as the acting General Secretary but that was only for a short period of time, accusing members of bullying and harassment.

The accusation was the same as Cash’s. Lynch became the winner of an election for the permanent role of General Secretary and sat on the position in May 2021.

After being part of the media coverage of the RMT’s 2022 strikes, Lynch came into the spotlight for his performance in interviews and debates on the BBC, Sky News, Talk TV, and ITV.

What Is Mick Lynch Net Worth?

Mick Lynch’s net worth is estimated to be around £ 100,000 to £ 1 million as he earns £ 124,000 per year from his profession. He has earned £ 763,000 in salary and bonuses ever since he joined RMT. Right now, he is in the spotlight for being part of the RMT’s 2022 stikes.

Workers are going on strike for an 11% wage raise which thousands of other workers from other unions are also supporting and going on strike is causing the Tube to be crippled. They have raised their voices for an 11% pay raise for staff and a promise of no compulsory layoffs.

Due to the 24-hour strike by more than thousands of RMT and Unite, the transportation of London has strongly advised people not to go on London Underground on Tuesday.

The union head members are striking for their thousands over job losses, pay, and problems. About the rail strikes, he said they don’t want to cause misery as they have announced it was a huge rail strike in 33 years.

The strike will happen for three days which are June 21, 23 and 25, 2022